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If you are a Skilling Organization or an Individual consultant who wants to expand your bouquet of offerings for your customers, you can become a SkillsHACK Partner. This can work in various ways and offer significant benefits to both you and your clients.

Become a SkillsHACK Business Partner and recommend/ sell SkillsHACK courses to your existing or new clients. Our deep understanding of various industries makes SkillsHACK the perfect fit for organizations from different sectors and industry groups. When you sell or recommend SkillsHACK courses to clients, you won’t be alone. Our experienced sales professionals will work with you to make it happen. Depending on your involvement, you can earn significant commission on the accruing revenue. The best part is you keep earning commission every time a new customer signs up for our courses, or an existing customer signs up for a new course on SkillsHACK.

Becoming a Business Partner is simple

1 Contact us

Contact us

2 Documentation

Complete the relevant documentation

3 Training

Enrol for SkillsHACK pre-sales training

4 Referring & Earning

You are ready to start referring and signing up clients, and start earning commissions

Do you have any questions on the SkillsHACK Business Partnership program?

Write to us at and someone from our team will reach out to you.